Amilova's Mother is one of the several unamed Characters in Amilova.



Amilova's mother has long black hair tied into a pony tail, her face except for her nose is very simmilar to that of her daughter. In her first apearance she is seen pregnant wearing simple cloth underware and to ring earing while having a star painted on her body by her Husband.


Amilova's mother is shown to have an enjoyable personalities like that of her Husband but is likley to be not as reckless as him, which was shown by the fact that Amiloava's Dad wanted to keep his fights a secret form his wife. But after the death of her Husband Amilova's Mother's life drasticlly changes as she becomes depressed.


===Before Amilova's Birth===

When she finished school Amilova's mother went to become a doctor, her Future Husband than followed in her dreams because he had a crush on her, not much else is known about this period other than the fact that they ended up marrying and she got pregnant.

Amilova's Early ChildhoodEdit

Amilova's Amilova's whole family lived a perfect life until one day when her mother had to stay late for work during some roits and her husband had to take Amilova to her mother. Amilova's mother was not worried, but it came as a shock to her that her husband had been stabbed by Bardaff.

After the Death of her HusbandEdit

Not much is known about that period except that Amilova's mother stayed depressed.