Amilova is the main Protagonist of a the manga Series Amilova she is a Mutant with fire based powers.



In the beggening Amilova is seen with a brown short sleeved loose shouldered half shirt, blue jeans with a belt, boot, spiked armbands and long blonde straight hair. Amilova is always shown to have a star on her right cheek. Her face is a bit chubby, her eyes are brown and her eyebrows are thin. After falling uncunscious and getting readressed by the Unamed Woman her hair is tied into pigtails she wears a leather corset, a short skirt and a long boot in an attempt to make her more attractive to men.


Simmilar to most Manga Protagonist Amilova has a kind heart but can get easily angered. She is shown as being very gullable and naive at times and when she thought she finish Raul she started geting over confident causing her to get abandoned by the Unamed Woman, but she was quick to regreat it.


Early ChildhoodEdit

Amilova had the perfect childhood with her parents until oneday her Mother was late from work and she had to be taken by her father through a town filled with riots. Her father tried going through streets with no riots until he was caught up in a street he wasn't expecting any riots. Both sides took him in as an enemy and recklessly went to attack him but failed missarabley, he then lectaured them both about how they should not fight and convinced both sides to not fight until their leaders interveaned and convinced them that he was just a liar.

Her father then went to escape and he found the only route available was being by using a flipped car as a ramp for his motorcycle, the tire burned and both amilova and her father fell onto a waste containerl, but neither was hamred. Amilova's father was saddened that the Rioters and the Riot Control both forgot about his lecture but his daughter assured him that if it wern't for the leader both sides will be at peace.

Amilova and her father kept walking until they saw a fight between Raul and Badaff thinking it was another fight between riot contol and rioters he saved Badaff from being shocked by Raul's 50 000 V Stick, and just as the Mutants thought that Amilova's father came to their aid he smashed one of them in the face. This stirred up a fight were everyone tried attacking Amilova's father, but none of the prevailed. Then Raul got up from the ground and started attacking Amilova's father but failed. Badaff then took Amilova's father by suprise and stabbed him in the chest mortally wounding him.

Late Childhood and Early AdolescenceEdit

Not much is given about this period except that it was mesrable for both Amilova and her Mother

Late AdolescenceEdit

Proir to AmilovaEdit

Although she lived in Paris Amilova somehow started dating Hugo Cohen a man living in Prague, unbeknownst to Amilova Hugo dumped her two months proir to the series but he still met her.


After getting to River Stones Night-club and discovering that Hugo Cohen had dumped her she got angry and used her fire powers against him for the first time. She was shocked by what she has done and was slurred by everyone until an Unamed Woman came and took her from the scene into a secret hideout. She redressed Amilova and gave her food.

While eating both Amilova and the Unamed women were ambushed the unamed woman started fighting and ordered Amilova to go on into another room where she was caught by Raul and started fighting him. During the fight she got into an argument with the unamed woman causing her to leave. The fight still presist.

Apearances in Other MediaEdit

Dragon Ball MultiverseEdit

Amilova breifly apears in the fight chearing for the fight between Gast CarColh and Cell Jr. to continue.


Amilova along side Megane apears in the Amilova Game