Amilova is a French Action Manga written by TroyB, Illustrated by Gogeta Jr. and coloured by Drawly & Robot Panda the comic is updated every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.


Warning Spoiler

The plot starts of with a female protagonaist named Amilova rushing through an airport because she is late to a flight. she has reoccurring visions of burning up everyone around her whenever she is stressed.

As she enters the plane she starts dreaming about a man hugging her. When she leaves the plane there is no sign of him only a text message stating he was busy and couldn't come. She enters a train heading towards the area he's in and finds him in a night-club surrounded by women. She get's mad it him and starts shouting, then he states he dumped her two months proir, this causes her to get stressed more than ever before and incinerate him, and is slurred at by every one until a strange Unamed Woman grabs her attention by splashing her face with water. then orders Amilova to follow her away form the bar.

The next chapter starts with a news reporter with her camera man filming the scene and then their camera is pushed over and the purse of the news reporter is stolen by a mysterious man whom drops a handful of money notes to replace there loss and convinces them to not speak about the incident.

Amilova and the unamed woman Finally reached their destination which was a museam under police quarintine, as they enter the building Amilova has a flashback of the passed events and faints. When she wakes up she finds her self in a different attire sitting on a dinning table with lot's of food on, and next to her is they start eating and talking until they were ambushed.

The unamed woman's first reaction wass by stabbing two of them with forks and running away with Amilova. The ambushers follow then follow them but are killed by with ease. After the fight an argument breaks out between Amilova and about the ethics of killing, then they were interupted again by another ambush, ordered Amilova to go and hide in a room while she took care of the ambushers. While hiding in the room Amilova was attacked by the mysterious who threatened to kill her.

The next chapter starts with a flashback of Amilova's life, she is shown as having a perfect life with her pairent until her father dies after being mortally stabed by a man named Badaff.

After the flash back Amilova remembers the mysterious man's name as being Raul, she then asks Raul to give her more information on the man named Badaff but Raul decides not to she then threatens to kill him with her newley discovered fire power.

The two get into a fight until Amilova pretends to wear her-self out, causing Raul to get over confident and get close to her just to be blaster by a fire ball. Amilova end's up strongly wounding Raul just as finishes her fight. After an argument the unamed woman ditches Amilova who is left on her own to fight an angry Raul.

Raul starts by taking out his 50 000 V Stick, to try and kill Amilova who reacts by throwing frieballs at him but keeps missing due too raul's high agility. Later on in the fight some of Raul's men join him to help him kill Amilova, they all start shooting but fruitlessly as Amilova still has enough power to Generate a fire wall to protect her self, and then goes on to destroy the weapons of Raul's men and encircle Raul. She then gives the men a chance to leave which they gladly take, and as she goes for Raul she find a hole in the place he was earlier.

A weary Raul is then seen outside holding a Grenade Propeller threatning to shoot Amilova.

Team Amilova
Project creators PKRG, Salagir, TroyB
Illustrator Gogeta Jr.
Community Diogo, Filka
Développers Elenko, Tsvetalin, Zlati
Design Alex, Catarina
Comcics Amilova, Hemispheres, Super Dragon Bros Z