Hugo Cohen is a minor character it the Manga Amilova and the ex-boyfriend of the Protaganist.



Hugo has a muscular build and sports shoulder leangth blonde hair. He is always seen wearing different clothes.


The only time Hugo was shown was drunk in the River Stones scene, he acted quited rude and cocky at that scene. But in Amilova's imagination she always viewed him as being the perfect boyfried, and it is possible that he acts that way when sobre.


Proir to AmilovaEdit

It is known that he dated Amilova for some time before the events of the comic but dumped her two months proir althought the still saw each other.


The first apperance of him was from Amilova's imaginations, and he then sent a text message to Amilova claiming that he was studying and didn't think she would make it. She then found him in a bar sorrounded by girls and drunk. He admitted to her that he dumped her, causing her to go into a range and discover her new fire powers by scorching him.

Hugo was burnt but survived and Amilova was slurred by every one in the Night-club and was taken away by the Unamed Woman. A news agency also apeared on the scene but didn't gather all information thanks to a bribe by Raul.