Leila is the duetagonist of Amilova. She is a Mutant with the ability to "Feel Things".



Leila is a tall Character who shoulder leangth black hair and is described as looking Arabian. She has only been seen wearing a short sleaveless dress with leggings under and a pair of boots.


Leila is shown as a focusing charecter who usually has one objective set on her mind and she usually does it ignoring the social consequencs. It is also hinted that she can attract men and convince them to do what she wants really easily.


Before AmilovaEdit

Not much is said about Leila's life before Amilova except the fact that she left everything behind and has been travelling escaping form the Agency hunting down Mutants, and she is also revealed to have fought Raul before.


While hiding in Prauge she takes Amilova as her apprentace but before they can talk they were ambushed, the Leila ordered Amilova to go hide in a seperate room as she took care of the ambushers. When she finally finished all the Ambushers she gets into an argument with an over confident Amilova and ends up leaving just after warning her about Raul.

She jumps from a Helicopter to save Amilova from being killed by Raul, Leila then has a a fight with Raul and then leaves taking Amilova with her.