Megane is the protaganist is the of the Manga series titled Hemispheares. She is a magician student and the daughter of a wealthy man.



Megane is a shown to be a slim teenager with long hair and earing. She has a small small face and nose, her eyes are round and big and she wears earings. she has a golden collar linked to a necklace over her red top which only covers her breast, the top side of her back and her neck. She wears a pair of long green fabric gloves and boots. She covers her private part by using a red pair of underpants with a long tail in the front and back. She also wears a greenish-black witch hat on which lives her cat Pat.


megane acts like a stereotypical spoiled teenager, thinking only about her self unless it comes to boys she finds attractive. Neither is she very bright as she often forgets her spells and has failed her finals before.


==Apearances in Other Media==

Megane is one of the two playble charecters alongside Amilova to appear in the Amilova Game

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