Raul is the main Antagonist of the comic series Amilova



Raul is a tall middle aged man with a crew cut. He is always seen wearing the same attire which is a strapped black tail coat and black trousers although at one point he can be seen wearing what is simmilar to a Dragon Ball Z Scouter. He sports a mustche and has one big scar on his face which he got from Papalova. Raul's name indicates that he may have Spanish or South American origins although that hasn't been confirmed.


Raul is a cold hearted man who doesn't like dealing with mutants are anyone helping mutants, not much more is revield though.


Proir to AmilovaEdit

Fight with Bardaff and Amilova's DadEdit

Before the events of Amilova Raul is seen fighting Bardaff and nearly killing him using his 50 000 V Stick but Bardaff was then saved by Papalova whom then attacked one of Baraff's friends. Both Bardaff's friends and Raul's men went to attack Amilova's Dad who took care off them easily, he was then confronted by Raul whom was taken down, Bardaff then went onto stabbing Amiloav Dad and killing him. It is presumed that Raul and Bardaff continued their fight but it's uncertain.

Chasing the Unamed Woman downEdit

Not much is known about this except that the Leila was constantly chased by Raul.


Raul's first apearance is bribing the News Reporters into hiding some of the information of the scene in River Stones.

Fight With AmilovaEdit

He isn't seen until the part where he attacks Amilova at first he easily get the other hand until she gets hold of her fire power flipping the tables. Thinking she finished off Raul for good Amilova had an argument with the Unamed Woman whom warned her that Raul was about to attack her with his 50 000 V Stick Amilova quickly dodged and the two continued to fight. Later Raul called some of his men to shoot at Amilova but it was without a use. She then encerciled Raul with flames and scared away his men. Raul somehow created a hole in the ground and left the building while firing rockets at her, she dodged all of them but then realized she was decieved by Raul when he hit a trap. Raul kept activating traps and nearly killed Amilova until she regained her powers and attacked him turning the tide, but soon she as at a disadvantage as she appeared to turn old.

Fight With LeilaEdit

Soon enough Leila comes to save Amilova from Raul and fights him then ends up saving Amilova and running away in a Helicopter whcih Raul tries to Destroy but is then interupted by a mysterious character